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Our site is simple to use, no online stores with lots of confusing products, just a simple site of what we can do for you. Please review the side bar to the left for our products and services offered, and if you have any questions or have a specific need that fits in our line of work please let us know via the contact link above and we will get right back to you.


About us


We have been in business since 1996, and still only have a single employee. On occasion our jobs will require us to hire additional contractors, but those are on a case by case job by job basis.

Because we are so small, we are able to keep our pricing structure very reasonable.

Some examples of our fees.

Typically a rate to a business is $65/hr, and generally only service small businesess of less than 100 employees on occassion we will make an exception to help out a larger company or private citizen if they need some help.

Our webpages are billed out at a "cost per page" and range anywhere from $80+ depending on the level of complexiity that you are asking for.



Stop the Texts - Stop the Wrecks


WE SUPPORT THE NHTSA 100% on this mission....

The best way to do this is to not even use your phone while driving, however if that is unavoidable we can help you. 

We support this program 100%, and our way of supporting it is to sell the BLUE TOOTH HANDS FREE HEADSETS and CAR MOUNTS devices that we are dealers for at WHOLESALE COST, plus any shipping and handling costs that we incur.

An example of this is a Samsung BT Headset that sells for $49.99 via a well know yellow price label logo big box retailer we can get this very same unit to you for $26.50, plus shipping costs, almost half the price!! 

We sell:  Motorola, LG, BlueAnt, Sony, Samsung, Scosche, Jawbone, BlueParrot, Maverick, Bracketron, Arkon, Plantronics, and many others.  

Email us what your looking for and well get back to you.

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